The Sir Ronald Fisher Memorial Committee of Great Britain.


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The Fisher Memorial Trust is a charitable trust founded in 1965 to perpetuate the memory of Ronald Aylmer Fisher through the establishment of Fisher Memorial Lectures `by persons distinguished for contributions to natural knowledge or scientific methodology in one of the fields which had been of interest to him'. Twenty-six such lectures have been given to date (2004). The trust is also authorised to use its residual income to support research in these fields. The trust acts for Mr. A. Barrington Brown in licensing reproduction of his well-known copyright photograph of Fisher. Application should be made to the Treasurer, from whom copies may also be bought privately.



Fisher Memorial Lectures


I                1966 March 23      Dr F.Yates

Computers, the second revolution in statistics. Biometrics 22, 233-51.


II              1968 March 6         Dr R.R.Race

Blood groups in human genetics. Typescript held by the Committee.


III            1969 Sept 3              Prof. E.A.Cornish

Developments from the Fisher–Cornish expansions.


IV            1970 Dec 18            Prof. K.Mather

                  Biometrical genetics. Heredity 26, 349-364 (1971) ‘On biometrical genetics’.


V              1972 Sept 19           Prof. G.A.Barnard

                  Statistical inference in its historical development.


VI            1974 June 24           Prof. L.L.Cavalli-Sforza

                  Cultural versus biological evolution.


VII          1977 Nov 17            Prof. R.Hide

                  Motions in planetary fluids.


VIII        1978 Sept 20           Prof. D.J.Finney

                  Bioassay and the practice of statistical inference1.


IX            1981 March 19      Prof. J.Maynard Smith

                  The evolution of the sex ratio.


X              1981 June 3              Prof. J.H.Bennett

                  R.A.Fisher and the Genetical Theory of Natural Selection2.


XI            1983 April 20          Prof. S.Karlin

                  Kin selection and altruism­3. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B 219, 327-353.


XII          1984 April 5             Prof. D.R.Cox

                  Regression and the design of experiments4.


XIII        1986 Sept 22           Prof. S.M.Stigler

                  Francis Galton and the unravelling of the normal world5.


XIV        1988 March 23      Prof. G.E.P.Box

                  Scientific method in quality and productivity improvement6.


XV          1990 March 23      Sir Walter Bodmer

                  Genetic sequences. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B 241, 85-92.


XVI        1992 Sept 17           Prof. D.V.Lindley

                  Statistics of the market place. Typescript held by the Committee.      


XVII      1993 August 16     Prof. A.J.Jeffreys

                  Molecular sleuthing: the story of genetic fingerprinting.


XVIII    1994 Oct 20             Dr A.W.F.Edwards

                  Fiducial inference and the fundamental theorem of natural selection7.


XIX        1995 April 3             Prof. M.J.R.Healy

                  The life and work of Frank Yates8.


XX          1996 Sept 5              Prof. J.A.Nelder

                  Computers and statistics: the continuing revolution.


XXI        1998 Nov 16            Sir John Kingman

                  Mathematics of genetic diversity, Before and after DNA.


XXII      2000 Sept 12           Prof. Bradley Efron

                  Essential Fisher.

XXIII    2001 Oct 29             Sir Richard Doll

                  Proof of causality: deductions from epidemiological evidence9.


XXIV    2002 Jun 26              Prof. O.Mayo

                  The realisation of Fisher’s research programme.


XXV      2003 Apr 7                Prof. W.J.Ewens

                  Statistics and the transition from genetics to genomics.


XXVI    2004 Sept 8              Prof. A.F.M.Smith

                  Towards an evidence-based society; the role of statistical thinking.



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