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Hector Calvo Pardo

University of Southampton
Economics Division, School of Social Sciences
Building 58 Room 3083
Highfield Campus,
Southampton SO17 1BJ
United Kingdom

Tel. +44 23 8059 5051
Fax. +44 23 8059 3858
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My main research interests are in international trade, and on the macroeconomic implications of household finance. 

International trade:

Sequential Exporting (joint with F. Albornoz, G. Corcos and E. Ornelas), January 2012. Accepted Journal of International Economics
Not-for-Publication Online Appendix
Technical Appendix

The ASEAN Free-Trade Agreement: Impact on Trade Flows and External Trade Barriers, (joint with C. Freund and E. Ornelas), in R. Barro & J. Lee (eds.), Costs and Benefits of Regional Economic Integration, Oxford U. Press 2011.

Are the Anti-globalists Right? Gains-from-Trade without a Walrasian AuctioneerEconomic Theory (2009) 38(3), 561-592.

Household finance:

Temperance in Stock Market Participation: Evidence from France.
(joint with Luc Arrondel and Xisco Oliver).  Economica (2010) 77, 314–333.

Les Francais sont-ils prudents? Patrimoine et risque sur le les revenus des menages
. (joint with Luc Arrondel). Economie et Statistique (2009) 417-418, 27-53.

(Expectational coordination):

Eductive Stability in Sequential Exchange Economies: An Introduction, (joint with R. Guesnerie), ch.6 in Assessing Rational Expectations: Eductive Stability in Economics, by R.Guesnerie Ed., MIT Press 2005, and DELTA DP 2004-25.


International trade

Trade in Goods and Factors:  1) From Immigration to Outsourcing. 2) The impact of Migration on Institutions.
(The latter won a NORFACE Research Grant (PI: Dr. J. Wahba) for 2009-2011.)

Household finance:

(*) Endogenous Non-Tradable Earnings and Households' Demand for Risky Assets (joint with Luc Arrondel), January 2012. (Submitted)

Subjective Return Expectations, Information and Stock Market Participation: Evidence from France (joint with L. Arrondel and D. Tas), January 2012.

Subjective Stock Market Return Expectations, Information and the Demand for Risky Assets (joint with L. Arrondel and X. Oliver), Coming soon.

Current research
refines the theoretical results on correlated background risks, exploits a new representative data set with self-assessed subjective probability distributions for stock market returns to explain non-participation and conditional asset demands controlling for individual information sets (
ESRC First Grant (RES-061-25-0327) for 2008-2010),  and studies expectational coordination problems in the stock market (INET associate researcher funding for 2011-2016, PSE-College de France